Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"I'm in heaven!"

This is the text I sent to my husband when I walked into the fabric store after walking him to work. I hadn't really found a good fabric store since moving here, but a while back I saw this place when I walked Josh to work. I was finally able to go there Sunday. I was looking for fabric to make pillows. I spent about an hour just looking at upholstry fabric, which they had more of than other fabric. Then I went on to look at patterns and started getting all sorts of great ideas for things to make. Then I realised...I don't know how to sew. Then again I realised...I don't have a sewing machine. I did just finish (well, almost) a quilt (which I had been working on for like, 3 years) by hand, and I did sew curtains by hand, but I don't know anything about following patterns and I am certainly not going to do all that sewing by hand. I did dream though. I even dreamed that I could make baby bibs and blankets and handbags and things and sell them on ebay and then I could quit my job....ahhhh!

Well, I think I will still keep my eye out for a cheap sewing machine.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh yes! Do they have freecycle groups where you are? Maybe someone has one you could use!


Soteria said...

I have been checking Freecyle. The only one I saw was one of those old ones with a big heavy hard case. I don't think I would have the strength to carry that on the bus to get it home. :(