Monday, March 05, 2007

Real Life Meet Ups

It is so much fun to meet people you know online. I have gotten to do this a few times. We got to meet Erin, who was extremely helpful in our move over here. Her husband was studying at New College, so he showed Josh the ropes. I went to a small gathering of Edinburgh expats. We met up at Starbucks and chatted about coping in a differerent culture. Josh and I went out to Stirling to a larger meet up of expats around Scotland. It is so refreshing to be able to chat with others in your same situation; venting, ranting, laughing.

Friday night Josh and I went to Brett and Joanna's. We had already met Brett at the previous gathering. They have been in Scotland much longer than us, but recently moved to Edinburgh. Brett has been frequenting Starbucks where we can have a wee chat if I have time. They are vegan, so Brett offered to cook us up a nice vegan meal, which basically follows my detox diet. He made us a nice American comfort food: sloppy joes! It was so good! And since I have to be wheat-free as well, he bought wheat-free rye bread at the bakery down the street. We must have spent most of the night talking about vegan cooking (poor Josh!). They lent me a couple of cookbooks which is great because now I find myself saying "I can have that?!" I just have to be creative with tofu.

Well, we had a great time. All of these people I have met are from my American Expats forum. If you are an expat or thinking of becoming an expat, I highly recommend visiting this site. There is a wealth of information there. And not only is it an informative site, it is also a community. I have found myself asking unrelated questions, venting about work, asking for recipes, etc. I've gotten a lot of ideas for my detox diet from other members. It's great!

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