Tuesday, February 27, 2007

One week in

I am finishing my first week on the detox diet. Side note. I have to keep saying 'detox diet' rather than just 'detox' because in my work in social services, 'detox' was the time you spent in hospital at the beginning of your recovery from drugs and/or alcohol.

Anyways, today is the first day I feel really good. Not great, but really good. I opened for work today and it was the first time I didn't feel like I needed caffeine. No headaches. Just a wee bit of muscle tension. But I actually had energy! I was still looking longingly at those muffins, though.

I just got a vegan cookbook from a friend and I'll be getting another tonight, so hopefully that will help me with my meals. Maybe I could get you all to rally 'round Josh and get him to do the diet with me. :) When we were shopping yesterday he said, "Would you want to get a rotisserie chicken?" I looked and him and he said, "Oh, you can't have chicken?" And this was while I was struggling particularly in the cheese isle. Later he brought over some pies (pies here are savory, meat pies, not fruit pies) and said, "You can make these for my dinners to make it easier to cook for me." Bless his heart, he's trying to be helpful! :) He did pick out some nice necarines and plums for me.

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linda feezor said...

I just saw on tv that unsalted almonds and cashews are a natural appetite suppressant.