Sunday, October 02, 2005

Arthur's Seat

We made a little treck today up to Arthur's Seat. Just about one mile down the street from us, next to the Palace of Holyroodhouse is a beautiful park with some hiking opportunities. We decided to take advantage of the sunny weather and take the hike we had been wanting to do since we arrived.

We persevered the wind and the rough terrain (though we found a much easier path on our way down) and took in some beautiful views of the city and mountains on one side, and the Sea on the other
side. We were huffing and puffing on the way up, but eventually we will be able to skip right up like several others who jogged past us. :) Take a look at more pictures by clicking on the photos link.

I also wanted to share something the minister said today that I chuckled at. He was talking about our young congregation in the old city of Edinburgh, then he said, "After all, we are only 200 years old." Can't say that in the States! Today he brought out a book that was made as a gift for the church 100 years ago when they moved into their new building. The book was remeniscent of the Book of Kells in Ireland with the ornate designs and the calligraphy and gold leaf accenting the pages. It was very beautiful and worn. It seemed like something that should be in a glass case rather than letting us parishoners handle it.


Spence said...

nice, it fun reading up on you guys.

Anonymous said...

loved the pictures. The one really looks like a seat in the forground. Is it supposed to be King Arthur's seat to look out over the city?
Mom F