Friday, October 21, 2005

Yes! Our Books!

I was thrilled to see Josh walk in the door with 2 huge white bags. I recognized the M bags we had sent some of our books and my card making supplies. I had forgotten what books I mailed and it felt kind of like Christmas. It is good to have my Favorite Recipes cookbook again.

I was especially thrilled to finally be able to look through my scrapbooks of friends and family from home. I am having fun posting pictures of our own adventures, but we would love to see what you are doing, too. Let us know if you have a website or e-mail us some of your pictures.

I added a bunch of pictures to our photos link, so have a browse. You can click on the photos on the left of the flickr site to see the groups of pictures. You can then enlarge the pictures in the group by clicking on it.

1 comment:

Amy from good ol' IBC said...

Man, Edinburgh is truly beautiful. Those pictures are awesome. :) We miss you guys! God bless.