Saturday, October 01, 2005

Guess Where We Went...

It's the one store you can go to have every need met that you can possibly think of from birth to death (yes, in Chicago they started selling caskets).

We finally made our long-awaited trip to Costco! Oh, yeah. IKEA was right next door, so we stopped by there as well. Can you imagine?

IKEA was a bit more familar as they had similar things to our stores in the States. It was a little smaller and a LOT more confusing! I think they try to get you lost on purpose. Costco was pretty familiar, but definately British. I couldn't deny it when I saw the guy carrying a huge jar of hard boiled eggs, and the haggis and the mincemeat pies...

Well, the familiarity began with the prices. Our brains first thought, "This is a little more like it," but then we realized we had not done the conversions yet! :) They had the same trail mix that Josh likes for about $20 (only about $8 in the States). We managed to get out of Costco only purchasing potato scones and baguettes.

We also had our first experience on the bus. Having used public transportation in Chicago, we kind of had an idea of how things worked. We looked at a map, figured out the fare, and headed out to the stop. The stops within the city have a little ticker telling you how long until your bus should arrive (and they are on time!). We were used to being able to get on a bus within just a few minutes of arriving at the stop. We looked at when the bus would be coming. 34 minutes! And it was cold and we were underdressed. But we endured. Fortunately I asked the lady waiting with us which bus we needed for Ikea just to make sure. She told us she was taking the same bus and that she was getting off at the stop before we should get off, so to just watch for her. After a few minutes on the bus we realized that they do not call the stops! I don't know how you are supposesd to know where to get off if you are unfamiliar with the area. From what I can tell it doesn't seem that you get any free transfers, either, but you can get a day pass for little more than 2 rides. Well, I guess it will take a little trial and error.

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