Sunday, October 23, 2005

St. Andrew's

It was nice to see another part of Scotland, even though it was cold and rainy. For those of you not familiar with St. Andrew's, the city if famous for it's university (which Prince William graduated from this last June) and it's Royal and Ancient Golf Club where golf was first played around 1400. There were also some ruins of a castle and cathedral. Pictured above is St. Andrew's Cathedral which was started in 1160 and plundered by supporters of John Knox during the Reformation in 1559.


I wanted to thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We were able to arrive safely with very little hassle. We were able to get settled and adjusted with reletively very little headache. I was able to find a job quickly where I already have an aquaintance! I don't think we feel that our relationship was strained because of the challenge of the move and beginning a new life. Many of you were able to give generously to help us get settled in our new flat. We are very greatful for your monetary gifts and your prayers and the other ways you helped out while we were still in the process of moving. We could not have done it without you.

ways you can pray now:

Josh is asking for prayer for competency and speed in putting a paper together.

Pray that we can form a community here where we can find support.

The winter months are quickly coming upon us and many people get depressed from the dark and cold. They are predicting a particularly bad winter this year. yeah

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