Friday, June 09, 2006

American Bacon!

You may have heard me mention that the bacon here is quite different. For one thing, you have to use oil to fry it. It does not render ONE BIT. I did not even figure out the oil bit until after trying to cook with it a few times. We never really eat bacon. I only use it for soups. I learned that I have to get what is called streaky bacon, as it has more fat, but it still doesn't render.
So, I was at the grocery store getting bacon for Boston baked beans when the familiar yellow package jumped out at me. Oscar Meyer! American! My heart lept and I thought "I can make BLTs! Never mind that I have never made a BLT in my life and haven't missed it one bit. Your stomach and mind do crazy things when you are away from what is familiar.
I made our BLTs for lunch today. When I was frying up the bacon (without oil!) I first thought "wow! grease!" Then I thought "wow! A LOT of grease!!" I made up some chipotle mayo to give our sandwiches a little kick. We used spinich rather than lettuce, as I posted about before and sprinkled on some of my home grown sprouts. So I guess they should rather be called BSTS: bacon, spinich, tomato, and sprouts. :)

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