Friday, June 09, 2006


Yesterday was such a slendid day! The sun was bright and warm. It must have gotten close to 80, or at least felt that way with as warm as the sun makes you feel here. Of course, I had to work. And work I did! We must have sold a record amount of Frappaccinos. It was constant. The same kind of weather was forcasted for today, my day off. I had plans to take walks and read in the park. I was disappointed when I woke to find a thick fog when I opened our curtains. I could not see the city below. I knew it would be colder. I put on my capris and threw a light sweater over my short sleeves just incase. And yes, it was colder. Probably mid 50s. And with the dampness of the fog it feels colder. I had a bit of hope a couple of hours ago when the fog seemed to be getting thinner and I could see the city, but alas, the city is lost again!

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