Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tuesday in the park

Yesterday was probably the warmest it has been since we got here, reaching around 75 degrees. Of course, I had to work, but with daylight stretching well past 10:00, we could still enjoy the weather after dinner.

As many of you know, we are without a freezer (yes, STILL) and it has been a dream of mine to get a pint of ice cream and savor it in the park. Well, more like gobble it down as savor is not in Josh's vocabulary, and I was sharing with him. :) So we packed up a couple of spoons, some books, and my camera and headed out to the grocery store to pick up some Ben and Jerry's. We then found a nice spot in Prince's Street Gardens under the castle and dug in. Ice cream never tasted so good!
During our stay in the park there was a Scottish country dancing event going on. It was £2 to get in, but it was easy just to watch. I went to snap some shots, leaving Josh to read Origen...
Uh, well, he was supposed to be reading... :)

Again, look for more pictures on flickr--> (not just now, though. I have to work on dinner...)

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