Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Longest day of the year!

My mom and Stacey are both priviledged to have their birthdays on the longest day of the year. Happy birthday to you both!

We were out late last night due to a necessary World Cup game watch at Sam and Peter's. We were walking back to our flat at nearly midnight. I had a hard time taking my eyes off of the norther sky because I could not believe how much light was still in the sky. About a month ago it just seemed like a light glow, like from city lights or something, but this was definate sunlight. It reminded me of our flight back to Scotland in May. The sun was only our of sight for a few hours, and while it was there was always a red glow on the horizon. It was so pretty.

Well, I do go on and on about the light here (or the lack thereof during the winter) but it is our first year here and it just amazes me. It will all be old hat next year.

Here you can see for yourself how light it can be at night. Remember that we are six hours ahead of Chicago time.

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