Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another plea

I posted a few posts back about Janelle and the money I have been raising for her to go to a better school. Thank you so much for the people who have responded. I am still in need of over half the amount. If you have been thinking you would like to help, please click on the 'donate' button to the left of the screen (below the yellow chat box) and you can donate through paypal. If you do not have paypal and would like to help, please contact me and we can figure something out.

Obviously this is an ongoing project. If you feel that you would like to sponsor Janelle once a month or on some sort of regular basis, that would be fantastic! I do keep track of how much has been given to me for her throughout the year and when there is a decent sum of money I wire it to the family.

Janelle's parents are so greatful for the help and they send me emails and pictures every so often that I can put on the yahoo group. Janelle is also aware that there are people who have never even met her that are taking an interest in her future.

I know we are inuntated with people asking for donations every day, but the thing I like about this is that ALL of the money (I pay for the wiring fee myself) will go to a specific person. No administration fees. I personally know the family and that they are wonderful people. I do enjoy 'watching' Janelle learn and grow.

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