Friday, February 09, 2007

Our Town

I mentioned my walk a couple of posts back. I just wanted to share a few pictures. I took some photos of our neighborhood and at the botanics. I did not feel very creative, so this is more of a documentary. Of course I forgot to take pictures of our road! I wanted to take a picture of the alley I walk through to get to work. Forgot that too. It's cute. Cobblestone road, stone buildings
This clock tower is down the road from us. We here the bell chime every hour. I quite like it. I think it is quaint. It was funny when we first moved in, though, that the time was 11 minutes slow. Then someone changed it and it was 8 minutes fast. I think it's right now, but we don't always hear it since it is not warm enough to have our doors open.

Another view of the clock tower. On my way home from work.

Stockbridge is the name of the community we live in. I haven't read enough about the history of Stockbridge, but apparently it was a meat and fish market. We do have a butch and a fishmonger (and a cheese monger, too! I just like to say that word). The name of the road I work on is called Baker's Place. I like that because there is an Italian bakery just next door to us (and the cheese monger is next to them!).
This is at the botanics. You might not be able to see it very well, but this frost covered lawn is littered with crocuses. It was pretty, but it made me so sad to think of all of the blossoming trees and daffodils that I was so excited to see a couple of weeks ago now covered in frost.

The wildlife was abundant. There were loads of birds. You could tell the squirrels are used to being fed. Anytime I approached a group of them they would run up to me (just about 2 feet from my shoes!), sit up, and look at me like "Did you bring me something?"

It was so peaceful there. I love being this close to botanic gardens! The walk is very not peaceful as I have to walk on main thoroughfares the whole way, but the peace is instantanious. During the day the park is just filled with moms (or nannies) and their kids feeding ducks, pensioners getting in a nice walk, and photographers. The gardens are walled so the cars wizzing around outside sound like they are on some distant highway. One of my favourite parts is the rock garden. There are waterfalls. Even though manmade waterfalls are kind of cheesey, it is still relaxing. The sun was shining. Even though the thermometers probably read 38 degrees, when the sun is shining in a clear sky it warms you up so much. I was thinking how nice it would be to sit down with a cuppa! - that's 'a cup of tea' :)

I was so inspired to buy a plant but I couldn't find anything that I liked in the shop. On my way back home I stopped by the florist and picked up some tulips. They are so beautiful and they really say "SPRING" to me! My heart fills with joy every time I look at them.

I will be putting more pics on flickr.

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