Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know it's a day early. Today actually marks five years and five months of marriage.
We were never ones for celebrating V Day. At least not on the day. We would normally just cook a meal together or go out to eat on a different night. It is so expensive to go out to eat here that we never go out for dinner. We went to a place for lunch today called Buffalo Grill. It is sort of a Tex-Mex-ish style restaurant in our neighborhood. It was nice to eat at a REAL restuarant for once rather than just a cafe. Anyways, I had a hankering for a good burger, and it was good! They served it with fries (it actually said 'fries' on the menu!) and they actually had American mustard! Josh kept trying to talk me into getting dessert, but I'm just as happy having dessert at home, which is cheaper and tastes better.
After lunch Josh took me to the local flower shop to buy me some flowers. AAWWWW! I think he probably wanted me to get a bouquet of something, but I picked out a stem of lilies (which is what I really wanted when I got my tulips last week) and 3 gerberas (my favourite). I can't wait until the lilies start to smell the flat up.
It was such a nice day of bumming around town and spending time together. Now Josh is off to work and I am settling in for another night alone. Thanks for the nice time, Sweetie!

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jil said...

Happy 5 years and 5 months! Sounds like such a fun day. We're the same way- we never do anything on Valentine's. And wasn't that a huge box of chocolates?? Rich bought it after we left the house. So I just stuck it in my huge coat. :)