Thursday, February 08, 2007


Modified to add photo. Be sure to look back a few posts for the photos I was finally able to add.

After several tries with different recipes I was finally successful today with a loaf of bread! It rised (raise? rose?) properly and everything. I haven't sliced into it yet. We will try it with dinner tonight. I am making stroganoff in the crock pot. Josh will have salmon since I know he doesn't like stroganoff (and I don't like seafood). I don't usually make different dinners, but I had such a hankerin' for stroganoff and I don't want to make Josh eat what I know he doesn't like. He's normally a pretty good sport. Salmon will be easy in the grill.

We just had our dinner and it was delicious! (the dinner as well as the bread)


Joshua said...

De, the salmon was fantastic!

jil said...

Wow, that bread looks amazing. Way to go! :)