Saturday, February 10, 2007


I'm sure you call can sympathise with me that dishes just never end! Doing dishes is a bit more of a chore here than it was in the States. I have never had the convenience of a dish washer, but I did have the convenience of 2 sinks. You know, you either fill one with soapy water and rinse in the other, or you pile the dirty dishes in one and wash in the other. Most kitchens here just have one sink. Oh, I forgot to mention that we also have no hot water in the kitchen. Well, the hot water just trickles out of the hot tap (remember, we don't have mixer taps) Here is how I have to do the dishes:

1. Fill electric kettle with water and heat up.

2. Put dish soap in washing up bucket and run some cold water into it.

3. Start putting utensils, plates, and bowls into bucket.

4. Pour hot water into bucket.

5. Fill kettle again and heat.

6. Clean out sink.

7. Put up foldable IKEA dish rack and utensil holder.

8. Pour more hot water into bucket and in other things that may not have been able to get rinsed well enough since we do not have hot water.

9. Wash what I was able to fit into bucket and place it in the sink.

10. Put more things into bucket.

11. Rinse everything from the sink under FREEZING COLD water and put on dish rack.

12. Warm hands in dish water.

13. Repeat steps 9-12 as often as needed.

Since we only have the one sink we have to put all of our dirty dishes on the counter. We don't have much counter space so dishes have to be done quite often. If I am doing any cooking or baking I have to do dishes in order to have space, then I have to do dishes again because I just dirtied a bunch.

I am so sick of dishes right now.

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh my gosh. You put things in perspective for me because lately we've been doing dishes by hand- our dishwasher just isn't doing its job!! I can't imagine the undertaking you have when you do dishes!!! We do have dishes for 5 people, but STILL that's a lot of thought you have to put into your process!