Monday, February 19, 2007

My Mom

Steph posted a really fun picture of her mom and encouraged us to post pics of our moms, too. Well, I think it's supposed to be for those who are moms, but I wanted to play, too. :)
The first pic is a little before we moved from Chicago to Edinburgh. The second (with my brother, too!) is before we came back to Edinburgh when we visited home last April.
My mom is really fab. She has been so supportive of her only daughter being swept away by some boy to live in another country for who knows how long. When I felt lonely and sad she sent me a box of yarn for something to do on long, dark winter nights. She spends too much money sending carepackages filled with goodies that we miss, and other things we forgot we missed! :) She has had to endure countless questions from family and friends about what we are doing and why she let us do it. She doesn't take the criticism others give about our decision, but patiently explains again and again why we are doing it - even when she may not be completely sure. :) She reads my blog and posts comments. She enjoys my pictures. She helps me support Janelle. And one thing I appreciate immencely: she is a good mother-in-law to my husband.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, that was really sweet. Such great pictures, too. And you know, the fact that she is such a great mother-in-law to Josh is probably one of the best things she can ever be. That's just awesome. Thanks for playing, too!


L feezor said...

I love you too honey, but you build me up too high, I'm just a regular mom, I hope.